The Chestnut Ridge Design Story

Chestnut Ridge Design is a family business. Our inspiration comes from our kids and they are at the heart of what and why we do what we do.

Our vision is people-centric. Our focus is customer experience. Our goal is to grow and have the ability to support people through their life’s journey.


Our Current Journey:

Presently Chestnut Ridge Design is supporting the adoption of our two children Mason and Lily. Mason and Lily are siblings that came to the United States as exchange students. Their life story is one of struggle, fear, and perseverance. Mason and Lily narrowly avoided becoming victims of human trafficking after being abandoned by their birth parents. Today they are flourishing as they continue their education, have our safe home to live in, and have our loving family to support them. We Are The Village. Jeremiah 29:11.

 A stop in Central Park during a NYC business trip!

      **A stop in Central Park during a NYC business trip!


Our History:

In 2018 I started designing and creating home décor and jewelry as a hobby.  After a high demand for my handcrafted products, we founded Chestnut Ridge Design. 

We have been fortunate to grow Chestnut Ridge Design and expand into markets across the United States. Each of our handcrafted items are made with high quality and unique materials. My husband Christopher supports Chestnut Ridge Design with his Executive MBA degree and vast business experience. I am the designer, creator and visionary. Together we make a great team and our children are the inspiration that makes Chestnut Ridge Design successful.

           - Kerri Hardman